Little Permetares


I went to Permet last weekend for my final goodbye to a place that was like my second home here.  During my first year when I was really struggling it would be my place of refuge.  While I was recently there we had a few picnics.  On one of these picnics we met the cutest little Permetares (people of Permet).  There were four boys who became our friends.  They were in about 4th or 5th grade and had little crushes on us.  They asked us what grade we were in, they guessed we were in 9th grade, even after we told them our ages.  It was really cute.  Then they asked us if we had facebook, which we told them no, we didn’t know what it was.  So they explained it to us.  I asked them if it cost any money, and then said yes.  I think they meant it cost money to use the internet cafes to go on facebook, because when I asked them how much it costs they said it depended upon how long you wanted to stay on it (which is how internet cafes work).

Also on one of these picnics (the one we had by the river) we saw a dead sheep go floating by.  Maayan almost died.  It reminded her of the time she was tubing in that very river and saw a dead horse in the water.  Yum.

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About Aimee

I am currently serving in the U.S. Peace Corps in Gjirokaster, Albania, where I am a health education volunteer. I am doing the Peace Corps as part of my Masters in Public Health degree at Tulane University.

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